This axle conversion kit will allow you to modify Odysseys standard V3 Cassette hub so it's a female axle hub with 3/8" G-Sport Bolts. Rather than just sawing the ends off the normal 14mm axle and drilling and tapping the ends, Odyssey re-designed the whole thing to use threadless slide on collars so that could maximise the thickness and strength of the axle. The end result is an axle that is just as strong as the normal 14mm axle but has the clean flush mounting of a female design. The bolts are 3/8"-24 TPI with a 17mm hex head and a 6mm allen key broach just like you get on a Marmoset or Vandero 2 hub. If you dont have 3/8" dropouts, we've included spacer ring adaptors for 14mm frames. This design will handle pegs just as well as the normal 14mm cassette axle.
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