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So you want to get into BMX? Not sure where to start? What brand? what bike? what size?

We're here to help. We want to steer you in the right direction & get you on a bike which works for your needs & budget.

BMX bikes come in a variety of wheel & frame sizes which can be confusing to say the least.
We have compiled this basic breakdown to aid you in your choices.

Wheel Sizes

12" wheels - Suitable for children between 3 & 5 years old &/or under 36" tall
16" wheels - Suitable for children between 36" - 46" tall
18" wheels - Suitable for children between 44" - 54" tall
20" wheels - Standard BMX size
22" wheels - Recently introduced size option which is geared towards riders over 72" tall (6ft)
24"+ wheels - Suitable for taller &/or older riders who want a BMX style bike to cruise around on rather than full on freestyle riding.

Frame Sizes

Generally speaking, the larger the frame, the longer the toptube is, giving more leg room for the rider.

When riders are looking at BMX bikes with standard 20" wheels they will often find there is a greater range of toptube sizes available.

Shorter toptubes of around 20" - 20.5" are usually found on entry level bikes which are geared towards younger &/or shorter riders.
The short toptube, often paired with a smaller size handlebar makes the bike easier to maneuver.

Mid length topubes ranging from 20.5" - 20.75" are usually found on intermediate/expert bikes & are geared to slightly taller riders.
The mid length toptube gives the rider more legroom & room to move around while riding.

Longer toptubes, often ranging from 20.75" - 21" & slightly above are most often found on higher end bikes.
The longer toptube gives the rider even more room to move & helps with stability in the air.

Some riders will prefer a shorter toptube which makes the bike easier to spin & helps with technical tricks, while others will prefer a longer toptube for the extra room it provides. Generally speaking, if you are around 6ft tall, you'll feel more comfortable on a 21" toptube frame than a 20.5"

Price Levels

Price levels can vary widely but, for regular 20" BMX bikes can be broken down into 3 rough brackets:

$700 & Under - Entry Level Bikes
Generally constructed from Hi-tensile steel frame, forks & handlebars with looseball bearing hubs, single wall rims & steel sprocket

$900 & Under - Intermediate/Expert Level Bikes
Generally constructed from frame, forks & handlebars which are all at least partly chromoly with sealed bearing hubs, stronger double wall rims & better parts all round.

Over $900 - Pro Level Bikes
At this level, frame, forks & bars should all be 100% chromoly. Cranks, hubs, rims, stem & sprocket should all be name brands & high quality. Look for features like CNC machined stems & sprockets, removable brakemounts, female bolt hubs & name brand aftermarket parts.

If you need more information, just get in contact & we'll do what we can to help!