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Please email info@strictlybmx.com or call (03) 9529 2000 with details of any warranty claim.

Be aware that bikes run over by mum in the SUV &/or parts damaged by hanging up, landing flat bottom or throwing your bike are not covered by any warranty.

  • Warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Damage from riding abuse, neglect and accidents are not covered under any warranty.
  • Warranties will be refered to the manufacturers or their authorised Australian distributors.
  • We are happy to facilitate any warranty but, please remember it is at the sole discretion of the manufacturer to repair or replace defective merchandise.
  • Please refer to any warranty card/form provided with products, some require filling out and sending to the associated manufacturer/distributor. Failure to do so can void any warranty.
  • Any associated labour and freight costs are not covered under any warranty.
  • The Customer is responsible for all shipping costs involved, including shipping a defective product to Strictly BMX, and Strictly BMX shipping a replacement to the customer.
  • For all warranty claims , you will need to return the item to us along with your original receipt.
  • Once we receive the product back instore we will follow the warranty procedure with the relevant manufacturer or distributor. We try to do this as quickly as possible but, please be patient.
  • We only warranty products bought from Strictly BMX. If you bought it elsewhere, then you need to contact the store you originally purchased from.